Energetic Foot Spa
Celebrating 10yrs producing Optimum Energetic Foot Spas (USA made). The Optimum Energetic Foot Spa is a bi-product of over 10 yrs of research, development and manufacturing  using the latest in ionic foot spa technology & the most powerful/safest machines on the market. The OPTIMUM energetic foot spa creates an ionization osmosis environment running negative oxygen ions through your body pulling & attracting the positively charged impurities, heavy metals, etc out through the feet in to the saline charged solution in the bath. The energized ionized water runs through your body bringing the body's chi & meridians back in to balance where one might feel energized & relaxed. Impurities are pulled from the body, improving the body's natural resilience. There is a noticeable change in the water color during the session where you are actually seeing cellular waste & oxidation present in the water. The energy fields are stronger, strengthening the body's immune system. You will feel revitalized, lighter feeling, balanced, clarity, healthy & ready to enjoy life! This system is easy enough for a home user to use as well as a practitioner... no formal training is necessary.







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Do Not Use with an electronic device or pacemaker
Do Not Use if nursing or pregnant
Do Not Use if person has an organ transplant
Do Not Use if history of seizures

ALWAYS consult your medical doctor about your health conditions








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